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Another Story
5.7 million adults suffer from Bi-polar. 20% of these commit suicide.
This source is American so I’m not sure if it applies for just USA or the world.
Everything around me is dead. Everything around me makes my head scream. My mind rots. Makes me want to tear my eyes from their sockets.
I remember. I remember when my eyes saw nicer sights, girls, money… beauty.
All gone now though.
Everything I thought I loved taken from my fingers whilst I lay kicking and screaming in the corner.
No one puts baby in the corner.
But that’s just a song. A song I didn’t write, but what does it matter. They’re all the same, just things to con the common man… or girl. A music lesson is nothing else but a lesson on how to indoctrinate and flummox the people around you. I just forgot.
There was once a time, I would tell my kids, my grandchildren even, where people sung my songs, praised me in the street… brought my useless
:iconantwarrior:AntWarrior 1 0
The Pathway by AntWarrior The Pathway :iconantwarrior:AntWarrior 9 6 For My Downfall They Just Can't Wait by AntWarrior For My Downfall They Just Can't Wait :iconantwarrior:AntWarrior 5 3



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Hello there, I'm AntWarrior!

As you may know I love Adam Ant. For anyone who doesn't know who he is I'll tell you. Adam started his life as Stuart Goddard, but took a lot of pills and "killed" him and so born was Adam Ant. A few days later his fiancee changed her name to Eve (get it Adam and Eve!). Anyways under a new "I must be on the top" personna he became a 70's punk star in a band called Adam and the Antz (d was backwards) and soon released an album called "Dirk Wears White Sox", where their punk-y nature was revealed to the media and instanly hated. Adam went back to his Antfarm (his studio, yes that is really what he called it) and thought again.

After an embarrasing attempt at acting in a film called Jubilee (and a new girlfriend (I think)) and a few lineup changes Adam and the Ants were ready to roll. Releasing "Kings of the Wild Frontier" and "Prince Charming" soon after in the 80's. These albums were quite different to Dirk and won over the peoples hearts (eventually).This landed Adam with a succession of number one hits and numberless TV appearances.

However Adam decided he would do better on his own, leaving the band to go solo, taking Marco, the guitarist with him. In his solo career he continued to be number 1. As his songs became all about, lets say, Adult things, he also started his acting career and became a respected actor in Hollywood, where he had then moved from England to live.

Sadly around the middle of the 90's it all got too much for Adam. He suffered a breakdown and in 2002 and 2003 he was living in a mental institution in England. He was found to have Bi-polar, but after his release he became a sought of spokesperson for the British mental health system, telling it's bad and good points. He is also a bit schizophrenic (hence the OD and changing his name), has suffered depression, acoholism and several breakdowns since, due to not taking anti-depressants. But now he is on the road to recovery and has his own record company, his own fashion collection and a new album.

Oh, and I forgot to say throughout every hit/album/important song Adam would hand-craft a "look" for both him and his bandmates. This is what he is most remembered for, as well as his spectacular and memorable music video's. Adam should be remembered for his complete "dandy-ness" and hopefully it won't be too long before he's back on top!

On a happier note I also love Panic! at the Disco, a band that can only be described as un-genrable. Panic! all started when 4 boys, Jon Walker, Spencer Smith, Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie graduated high school (yes, they're American!). Brendon auditioned to play the guitar, but his beautiful voice was soon discovered. Ryan Ross became the guitarist, Jon Walker the bassist, and Spencer the drummer. They quickly released an album called "A fever you can't Sweat Out" in 2005. Under the guidance of Pete Wentz (the bassist in Fall Out Boy, another one of my favourite bands. "I Don't Care" is my theme tune! Oh, and Pete owned the record label that signed Panic!) Panic! became popular with fans and they were dubbed the "Teenage Circus" as their music videos were dripping in top hats and tails.

But then in 2006 Sarah Sands strikes!!!!! She was the reporter from the daily mail that branded "Emo" as a cult, that encouraged self-harm and un-social-ness. A few weeks later Panic! were preforming at Reading Festival, where, a few seconds into their set Brendon was knocked out by a thrown bottle. But as Panic! are awesome, Brendon, when fully recovered and conscious, returned to the stage and finished the set with pride!

In 2008, as "The War on Emo" was becoming a serious life threating topic, Panic! left any sort of traces that could be called "Emo" behind. Changing their name to Panic at the Disco and releasing "Pretty. Odd." An album that was influenced by The Beatles.

As Panic started work on a new album in 2009 - 2010, Brendon and Spencer had had enough of following the creative thoughts of Ryan Ross, and spilt. Ryan and Jon made a new (as of yet unsuccessful) pop band, whilst Brendon and Spencer changed the name Panic back to Panic! and continued to release a new album, with a new sound. They also regained their old fans that were lost because of Pretty. Odd., and regained their old spirit.

I also love My Chemical Romance, their never-ending battle with the media's stereotyping mixed with their awesome songs have always drawn in a worldwide fan base. They also have an in-depth history, but I'll think I'll type that up another day...

Hey Peeps (I never normally say this), I just found this on SpottyMoo98's page, and it's awesome:

“MCR Pledge:

I pledge allegiance,
To My Chemical Romance,
Of New Jersey,
And To The Music Of Which They Play,
One Nation,
Under Gerard,
With Venom and Vampires For All!”

I told you it was awesome! Thank you ! Your pledge is awesome!

Hey, I've found another MCR pledge (there are loads!)

For those have a bulletproof heart,
For those who aren't afraid to keep on living,
Who are not afraid to walk this world alone,
For those who have walked down cemetery drive,
Who blew a kiss at the methane skies,
We know what they do to guys like us in prison,
We're never okay...we promise
For those lost their fear of falling,
For the people who know that vampires will never hurt us.
We gave them our bullets for their love
Cheered for the ever so sweet revenge,
We marched in the black parade
And became Fabulous killjoys.
i :heart: you

Thank you!

Me? Well I'm strange and will always stand up for what I believe. While on a residential trip with other fellow school kids, I heard the waitor whisper how rude all of us were being as we all rushed to the buffet thing. (can I just say we were having tea at about 6pm, the last bit of food we'd had was at breakfast at about 8am. With a whole day of activities you get hungry quickly.). When he came to fill up my water I pointed out all the things that he was doing that were rude, taking plates away when the whole table wasn't finished, taking plates away from the wrong side of the person, insulting guests (by whispering about us) etc. I didn't see him on the next nights...


What Kind Of Villain Are You?
What Kind Of Villain Are You?
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What Type Of Movie Are You?
What Type Of Movie Are You?
Hosted By Anime

My friends always get correct customer service when I'm around. Battling (verbally) with dinnerladies for the right charge, MacDonald's workers for the right burger, T'is nothing, really...

I also love dressing up! On the last non-uniform day at my school I wore a "Shaun of the Dead" T-shirt, and tarton jeans. Doesn't sound that bad does it?? But then over that I wore Knee-high boots, a gas mask, and drew fake scars over my face (my science teacher thought they were real). I was dubbed the true individual by my Geography teacher.

I also supply the history department at my school with historical clothing, mainly hats. I have in my posession 3 top hats, 1 bowler hat, 1 derby hat, 1 fedora, 3 trilby's, 1 WW2 military hat and a fez. I also have a bow tie, a 50 year old tailed jacket, WW2 American (I think) army jacket, and many more strange items of clothing that I wear on a regular basis.

Now there is another paragraph I would like to add (01.07.12 English time). I now have a windowsill of weapons. Now that's not what it sounds like... Anyway on my windowsill of weapons I have a decorative pistol (flintlock I think), a decorative knife (for Adam Ant related business...), and two vintage (and rusty) pratice fencing swords (but they look like proper pirate swords XD)! I can never take them out and exactly wave them about, but the whole point is that they all look pretty. So yes, that's me saying that everyone should have weapons because they look pretty, enjoy!

Jedi Feeling Stamp by AcidaliaAdrasteia Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Stamp: Imaginary Friend by Nawamane Stamp: Evolution in Church by 8manderz8:thumb141653061: Perfect Weapon by winter-ame Anti Beatles Stamp by Firework154 Those Haters Stamp by EeveeUtauDesu dev stamp by pukingpastilles:thumb266177048: I don't have Bipolar but Adam Ant does, and finding out and dealing with it almost killed him. You're Not Random stamp by invader-zim-14 Rutherford Morrison's subhepatic space by SirvanaRachana 012 - Insanity by clumsyrebel Ducktape is the material... by SirvanaRachana Reasons to join the Dark Side7 by SirvanaRachana Poupart's ligament by SirvanaRachana Sphincter of Oddi by SirvanaRachana My Chemical Romance by winter-ame What bodies by spottehkukkisuki here's to your perfect weapon by nocturnalowlet:thumb186679644: i like MCR stamp by cherry-babe94 Frank Iero Stamp-Two by Morein Destroya Stamp by ParamourxLights Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Mikey Way - Stamp by evilrikku .Stamp. This Stamp by KillMePleaseGod Favorite Songs Stamp by Miyazaki-A2 I dont love you by Cloza Outta The Closet Stamp by itz-Cindyrella Suicide Cult My Ass by Electrohurtz I want TBP jacket by Denorii The Game Stamp by Kezzi-Rose would you? by Cloza My Chemical Romance Lyrics by kaleidoscope-tattoos Life on the murder scene by Cloza MCR saves lives by Cloza my stampful romance by Erroin13 My firstie by DragonBoosterGirl Stamp - Blow Me Away. by BowChickaBowWow:thumb211479959: No one is perfect... by TheManThatLaughed Hannah Bond Stamp by Lovin-Stamps Marvel Comics Daredevil Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Red Dwarf - Snacks Wallpaper by P2Pproductions Marvel Comics Ghost Rider Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman:thumb278547171: Gee! You sassy legend! by The-MCR-Fan-Club 1-800-zombie by cutebabykitty better living industries by cutebabykitty Epic Fail Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Adam ant stamp by Chill-morte Adam Ant Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman Adam Ant Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Adam Ant Stamp 4 by dA--bogeyman Adam Ant Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Adam Ant Stamp 5 by dA--bogeyman Men Without Hats Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Brendon Urie Stamp by Maleh-wa Mona lisa by xMisguidedxRox Stamp - Marry Brendon Urie by rachitick:thumb201715125: Stamps - Old Fall Out Boy by rachitick All Time Low Stamp by CyanideSeason 'MIKEY' Clothes Stamp by likescarecrows Grace Stamp by Ashqtara Korse Stamp by Ashqtara Gerard in-a STAMP by SleepyVoodleStudio Brothers In Arms by Steph123098 Motionless In White by winter-ame Motionless In White Icon by winter-ame Chris Motionless's Eyes Sketch by FalloutLuver13:thumb265347236: Red Dwarf by phantom Red Dwarf Stamp by Q-Rai Red Dwarf: Mr Flibbles Stamp by PyroStorm Red Dwarf - Rimmer salute by squirminator2k Red Dwarf: Lister Quote by Rip-Stick-Racer Purple Alert Stamp by 666qqq666 Stop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume:thumb295418078: Stamp - Top Gear Technologic by Leonic0922 Top Gear: Ambitious ... by rockstars:thumb180440368: Dave Stamp by Kezzi-Rose JAAAAAAAAG stamp by KazultheDragon:thumb76173512: Hamster Win stamp by ladyshaniique08 Gary Numan stamp 2 by morning-star1 Gary Numan stamp 3 by morning-star1 Russell Kane by Rocky-Vermillion The Mighty Boooooosh by HeartDriven Eels 1 by RavenBlakh Boosh Stamp by A-l-i-s Is it really? by ZacNewton Eels Stamp by appleblossom3 Let That be a Lesson to You by QueenofNightmares I'm the moon - stamp by SleepyVoodleStudio Eels by QueenofNightmares I love Noel Fielding stamp. by appleblossom3 Vote Frankie Boyle by 666qqq666 Mock The Week Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Comedian Milton Jones Stamp by WLIIAmg:thumb201066154: QI Stamp by mrTwisby:thumb136883809: A Bit of Fry and Laurie by snakeandladders well he did by rosiecoleman:thumb171352016: peep show stamp by String-Bean-23 Flash stamp by Shichishito Cunning Plan by Rookie-101 Captain Darling stamp by CartoonSilverFox Request Steampunk Pirate stamp by flamarahalvorsen Steampunk Stamp by TumblingTortoises Muse Stamp by IgnisAlatus Supermassive Black Hole by DarkShad00w:thumb265347236: My Stamp Is Earl's by neomiguelangel Paolo Nutini stamp by 5-3-10-4 Jubilee - A Derek Jarman film by Neveryan Marilyn Manson stamp by sequelle T_T by contrived-mist:thumb265347236::thumb192777327: I rather be... stamp by MiiSan Radioactive Stamp by PockyPerson32 Biohazard stamp by Kradion Allergic To Religion by Midnight-Specks:thumb122238792: Like it Loud by Midnight-Specks DC Comics General Zod Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman dIfFeRenT by mylastel There's always a... by RanStamps Open your Mind Stamp by quazo pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxX Pull your pants up by Sergeant-McFluffers Eyeliner stamp.xD by xXxBloodLustxXx Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01:thumb77459664:

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Hey there,

Just wanted to drop everyone a note saying I'm leaving the site. I haven't really been using it, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who have made my experience on this site so pleasant. :)

The account will be closing around the end of next week, but if you want to stay friends with me you can follow my twitter (@F10Jennifer), and keep talking to me there.

Thank you to everyone who's favourited, commented and made amazing art! And I'm sorry I can't reply to any of the messages in my inbox.

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